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In 2012,  Kylie and Anderson met in Miami while she was on vacation. They met through a mutual friend while Anderson was playing for the Miami Dolphins. Kylie and Anderson realized their chemistry throughout the weekend and decide that they are meant to be.


January 27th, 2012 was the day they began their life experience together. After graduating from Spelman College and having a long-distance relationship for 6 months, Kylie moved to Miami to be with her future husband and start a modeling career. In 2014, after 5 years in the NFL, Anderson retired and proposed to Kylie in Key West, FL.


By 2016, Kylie had been on hit TV shows, billboards, and magazines globally, and also runs her own events agency, Priceless One Management. At the same time, Anderson enrolled in school to pursue another career in Physical Therapy. Most importantly, on May 28, 2016,  the couple married each other in Costa Rica in the most fabulous mountain top venue. They would become known as everyone's “favorite couple” as they experienced lavish vacations, romantic date nights, and party like rockstars. Not only that, but the two are deemed as a model couple for their insanely good looks.


As of 2021, Kylie has run a successful business for 6 years, been on countless advertising campaigns, and has evolved into an investor. Anderson has since become a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the couple is JUST getting started.


Their journey to success while loving each other through life’s experiences make them the ultimate role model couple. Cheers to 10 years of love and 5 years of a happy marriage.

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